The work I do comes from the love of historical images, discarded ephemera, painting techniques, and new technologies.
After making and exhibiting digital collage work for many years, I began working on combining the digital collage techniques with more traditional methods. I turned to this method so I could explore the possibilities of working with these two different mediums. My layered, cumulative process of collaging, imaging, sanding, and painting, opens the doors for the kind of intuitive materials and pictorial juxtaposition that arise from the unconscious mind.

In my panels, I have fused captured moments in time with organic geometric elements, aircraft parts, mathematical expressions, photoengraving, and painting, with the ambition to reinvent a new narrative.

The wealth of historical captured content, and the rise of new technologies, fuel my creative process to exploration, and experimentation where the unexpected is always welcome.


Kansas #29 12x12 inMy creative energy shifts and drifts to my landscapes that focus on  the bold lines and brilliant colors of the Kansas prairies. The style is free and full of life, reflecting the ever changing sky and earth of the plains.

My two different style directions pushes me to keep the creative process fresh and clear.





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© Kerry Thonen, 2016

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