Gallery Representation & Comments

Kerry Thonen is a prolific digital artist, painter and printmaker who is lives in Lawrence, Kansas and creates mixed media works that explore human history . 

Kerry’s landscapes are inspired by expanding horizons of the Kansas plains.

Published in Studio Visit Volume #28

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6 thoughts on “Gallery Representation & Comments

  1. Awesome. Have know KT for many years and it’s so great to see the dream he had many years ago a live n well. I am a proud owner (a gift) of a painting by KT.

    All the best to you KT.

    Your long time friend,

  2. very envious of your work Kerry. Was able to see many at your works in the KPR exhibit. I am exhibiting my work in December/January.

  3. Kerry’s work is extremely creative, from an extremely creative mind. Some of his images I feel I have seen from the day they were first created. Very impressed that he is keeping at his art, while also excelling at it. You are a Master My friend!!!
    K R Tracy

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